I started out in Engineering graduating from Cardiff University with a BEng Civil Engineering and the University of Glamorgan with a MSc (Distinction) Energy Systems Engineering in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

After graduating I started working at the web agency ChilliFruit, where I worked on a diverse range of clients from medical publication to Energy consultants. My time at ChilliFruit gave me a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress and Project Management.

In 2013 I left ChilliFruit to become CTO of the online counselling startup PlusGuidance when it was just a couple of months old. I put together the development team, built the product, went through two seed funding rounds, launched the product and over many late night releases watched the users grow.

After two rewarding years at PG I decided to take a step back, becoming a director, so I could pursue my own work. And that is where I am now at.

When I’m not making websites I am:
Bassist of the Morricone tinged Rock ‘n’ Roll band Saint Agnes,
Dabbler in building FX pedals.

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